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Ninpo Bugei Martial Arts Dojo
Parkour & Freerunning Park



Why are Self Defense & Parkour important?

Self Defense training not only helps you protect yourself but others as well. Training helps you become physically and emotionally fit. Having the ability to defend yourself increases your self-esteem and boosts your confidence.


Parkour training is known to increase the explosive power and muscle endurance of the upper body and abdominal muscles. Muscle Strength is considered an essential component of motor performance and is necessary for all physical tasks.

Why should I sign up?

Self Defense Classes help develop self discipline. - Learning how to defend yourself is not only about protecting yourself against physical attacks, but its also a way for you to learn self discipline. Martial arts and other forms of self defense require discipline and dedication to be successful.

Parkour will make you stronger, faster, fitter and more agile than you ever thought possible. It will give you increased coordination, functional movement skills and problem solving tools that will cross over into every other aspect of your life.

How do I sign up?

Give us a call at 919-924-9466 and we'll get you registered for your first class.

About RAHYZ CARY FITNESS Training Grounds

Every day should be about getting better.

Stronger. Faster. Sharper.



This is RAHYZ CARY FITNESS Training Grounds.


The RAHYZ CARY FITNESS Training Grounds specializes in Ninpo Bugei Martial arts Self Defense Classes, Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking Classes, Open Gym Sessions, Private Lessons, Camps, Space Rentals, Stuntwork/Stunt Coordination, Weight Loss Workouts, Guided Meditation,

& Live Music Events/Concerts.



Jay James

Professional Parkour Athlete, Ninpo Bugei Martial artist


Hollywood TV Star, World Chase Tag Professional Athlete, American Parkour Sponsored Athlete, Ninpo Bugei Martial Artist and founder of Rahyz Cary Fitness.


Jay obtained his first two Ninpo Bugei sponsorships at the age of seventeen and is a world class professional Parkour athlete. Jay alone has had over one hundred different Parkour students in the triangle area of North Carolina, and he both designed and launched his own fitness business and clothing line under the brand ‘Rahyz Cary Fitness’ in March of 2012.


Along with his athletic career, Jay is also an artist, actor, director, stuntman, and stunt coordinator; fashion & sports model & designer, marine biology intern, guitarist, singer-songwriter, & music producer.


He is signed to and represented by DDO Artists Agency Los Angeles (Commercially) & Pittmobile Talent Agency (Theatrically).

Jay Co-Starring on The Toppa Fairu on Television in Tokyo, Japan
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Ismael Rodriguez

Ninpo Bugei & Jujutsu Martial artist


Ismael Rodriguez was born in 1950 in Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up with his six sisters and two brothers. At the age of seven, he was in an accident that left him totally blind in his right eye. Knowing that young Ismael would face extra challenges as a result of this injury, his father enrolled him in Judo lessons in order to learn self-defense. Thus began Ismael Rodriguez’ healthy respect for martial arts, which he has passed on to all four of his own children.

 For the past 61 years, Sensei Rodriguez has studied with a variety of instructors in many martial disciplines from all around the world, including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kendo, just to name a few. He has often obtained black-belt ranking for several of these arts, and he has enjoyed learning all of them. But at the age of twenty-five, he began to study Ninjutsu, and by the time he turned thirty-six, he had discovered his true calling in Ninpo. 


Sensei Rodriguez has advanced training in the traditional schools of the Ninpo Bugei and the Jujutsu disciplines Sensei Rodriguez has also attended many of the federation’s courses and seminars in several countries and all over the United States.


All About Ismael Rodriguez

With more than 45 years of teaching experience, Sensei Rodriguez has taught the Ninjutsu and Jujutsu disciplines to 950+ students.


Currently, he lives in, North Carolina with his two youngest children and his wife, M. Rodriguez, who works as a police officer during the day and teaches the Niji No Hashi Dojo’s advanced night classes.


Also, He believes a true martial artist should not be noticed.

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